Information About Commissioning a Work of Art


Most of my work is commissioned by the owner of one or more animals, such as dogs or horses. I work mainly from photographs. If a client lives nearby, I prefer to take the photographs myself for a fee. By taking the photographs myself, I can meet the dog or the horse personally, and observe it’s eyes and manner to get a better feel for it’s character. If the client lives far away, I will ask them to take the pictures themselves, or hire a professional photographer to take the photographs. If requested by the owner, I am willing to travel further than nearby, provided the timing and my expenses are negotiated.

When I take the photographs, I can capture that special look that makes the owner say: “That looks just like” him or her! The owner knows the character of the animal. After the client chooses the best photographs , I will look at them and decide which one is best suited for a painting, pastel or drawing. I look for the right light, shadows, pose and background, which may come from different photographs.

After the client and I decide on which photographs to use, we discuss background color and details if it is a bigger or more elaborate painting. I sometimes make a sketch to show the client my ideas for a background.

How Much Time Does It Take

Oil Paintings

During the painting process I stay in touch with my client. I send the client an email image of the first coat of oil paint on the canvas. Minor changes can be made, if necessary. When I finish the oil painting, I send my client an email image of the finished work. I always invite the client to come by my studio to view the finished work personally before accepting it.

The painting needs to dry for about 2-3 months before I can varnish the painting. The varnish will bring out the color and protect the painting from the environment. The varnish will take a week to dry.

Samples of my commissioned oil paintings

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Pastels and Drawings

Pastels and Drawings take less time than Oil Paintings. After the photographs are selected, I draw the image on the paper and get ready to work. I normally show the finished work to the client by email image. Clients are also welcome to view the finished work personally.

Samples of my commissioned pastels

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Samples of my commissioned pencil drawings

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The cost for a commission depends on the size and number of animals to be portrayed. Pastels and drawings are less expensive than oil paintings.

I always enter into a Contract for Commission, which requires a fifty percent (50%) deposit of the purchase price upon signing the contract, and the remaining fifty percent (50%) to be paid before shipment or delivery of the original work of art to the purchaser.

Shipping and Framing

The costs to ship the artwork to the purchaser are not included. Framing is not included; but, if requested, I will assist the client to obtain a suitable frame for that work of art.

Please fill out the form below if you have any question about how to commission a work of art. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. No commitment!

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